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What Coffee and Coaching Have in Common

When someone mentions Starbucks, what comes to mind?

Different things float to the surface of my conscious awareness: the color green, Seattle, expensive, gift cards, a nice hangout, my friend Cheryl, and coffee. Now, I know my mind is a little left of normal, but did you notice that coffee was 7th on the list. 7th?

Now, notice something else. When someone asks you an open question because they are truly curious about you and your response, amazing things can happen.

If I assumed that your response would be coffee when I asked you the question above, then look at all the other fascinating responses that I would have missed out on!

Asking curious and open-ended questions is the cornerstone of pure coaching. And if you would apply this one simple tool in your life, your relationships would change dramatically.

As part of my new website launch this week, I am giving away a $25 Starbucks gift card. Why you might ask? Am I trying to bribe you? Well maybe, but mostly not. I want to help you understand how your life can change by incorporating a few coaching tools. And a hot cup of coffee or tea helps to create an environment similar to Starbucks that is conducive to listening, learning, and leaping into bold new change.

To begin with, what coaching is and is not:

Coaching is for people who are searching for balance and harmony, feel stuck, desire growth and accountability, are experiencing transitions, become tired of the same old habits, and desire and embrace change.

The coaching relationship is a powerful partnership between the coach and the client where the client sets the agenda and learns through action. Coaching is forward moving and the coach assists the client in creating a vision for the future. Coaching focuses on the client’s whole life. The coach asks tough questions and the client through a process of self-discovery, discovers the answers.

Coaching is not counseling, therapy, consulting, mentoring, or a form of discipleship. The coach is not the expert and the client is healthy, creative, and resourceful.

Coaching is transformational and life changing. As a coach, I partner with clients and help them on their path of discovery. I never know what the itinerary will be before I get on a coaching call and the first question I always start with is: “If we could fast-forward 45 minutes, what do you want to take away from our call today?”

Lastly, what does coffee and coaching have in common? You determine what you want in your cup of coffee and you determine what you want your coaching partnership to be. Some people like their coffee black and strong. Some like it hot with extra cream and easy sugar. Some don’t like it at all and prefer a cup of tea.

The same is true of coaching. Every coaching partnership is different. In coaching, you determine what you want your life and vision to be. I am the amazingly blessed and grateful person on the other end of the line having her Venti iced black tea with no syrup and extra ice.

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My one thing…

I know you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat since Sunday when you read about the Weekly Intention for this week. Waiting and about to pop because you want to know what my one thing is for this week.

Drum roll please!! No more delay!!

It’s pretty simple, folks. I am slowing down. Yes, me, Lizzie, slowing down. I do most everything fast, except for run. I am a solid 10 minute miler, but in every other area of my life, I am in hyper mode. Eating, sleeping, working, walking, talking, etc. Multitasking everywhere I go.

I am probably the main reason my son sees a speech therapist. He clutters his words together…because he talks too fast. His processing speed is much higher than his ability to produce language in an intelligible manner. Now, since he sees the best speech therapist in the world, Mrs. Renee, he has improved leaps and bounds. But, we have invested a lot of time and money teaching him how to ssssssllllllooooowwwww down.

So, now,  I am being more intentional about being slow. On purpose. And it makes realize just how not present to the present I am most of the time. I am like the professional pool player who has already run the 9-ball table in his or her mind before the little solid yellow #1 ball has been pocketed.

This is going to be hard. It will cost me something. I am fearing that I will be much less productive. But, the Lord keeps reminding me that I will gain more than I could ever lose. I am sure there is a reason why I rush through life…but that is a completely different post for another day!!

First things first. And, I will never have to worry about coming in last. 


I will keep you posted! The next installment of “Weekly Intentions” will post on Sunday. Also, if you haven’t already, please visit and like my new Kairos Coaching, LLC Facebook page. I would love to be able to keep you updated on all things Kairos via my Facebook page.

And, by the way, my amazing web designer is working on my new website. I cannot wait to reveal it to you in the weeks ahead. Thank you as always for reading. Blessed beyond measure and grateful to call you friend.


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