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This is Why I Write

Today, I am blogging about how my writing career began and how it relates to coaching. I have always been a wordsmith. My favorite teacher of all time gave her English classes weekly A to Z words that helped to enlarge our vocabulary. I still have the word lists almost 25 years later! Little did she or I know that this was the beginning of my love affair with words.

However, first things first:

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Why I Write:

As a mom with two young children, I am constantly learning something new. My children teach me more on a daily basis than I will ever teach them in their lifetimes. It is no surprise to me that my blogging adventure started with a post about my children!

I was feeling a bit nostalgic during the summer of 2010. My daughter would be starting Kindergarten in a couple of months and I wanted to capture the pivotal life changing moments in our lives in a written form. Unfortunately, I was highly ineffective with a paper and pen journal. I would write an entry and not open my journal again for weeks. I struggled with starting and never finishing. But that was about to change…

I very courageously hit the publish tab on my very first blog post in August of 2010. I jumped in the deep end and to my surprise, I swam!

Soon after I started blogging, I wrote a children’s book during the winter of 2010. My sister, Amy Toler, did an outstanding job with the illustrations. I self-published and finally began to accept the notion that maybe, just maybe, I was a writer. For real!

And, I have not looked back since God helped me understand that I am hard wired to write. I blog and write because I can’t not write. It is part of the fiber of my being. The threads of my tapestry. He is a master weaver and wordsmith, dear friends! Anything we create reflects His glory. We are imitating the best!

I also love to bridge the gap between everyday and eternity by connecting the dots. Everyday, every minute of our lives is linked to eternity in some way. We may need to adjust our perspective or lens, but He gives us eyes to see those moments that I describe as Kairos moments. They don’t have to be random, sporadic events. You can live a Kairos life by seizing the opportunities and redeeming the time every day of your life.

And, that is where writing and coaching intersect. They are both deeply connected. Coaching is more intimate and personal than writing or blogging. When I coach with a client one-on-one, her life and those she comes into contact with are affected by her coaching experiences. When I write about how to connect the everyday moments in our lives to our eternal destiny, more people can be impacted.

My desire through coaching and writing is that people will be able to connect deeply with the world around them. To be more aware. To stop sleepwalking and embrace each and every moment. To fully live.

Along the process of discovery and becoming more aware in my own life, I have had many mentors along the way. None have been more impactful in my life than my friend, coach, and business partner, Cheryl Scanlan. She has taught me more about coaching than any class I have ever taken. I am also grateful for Contessa Siegner, my web stylist. She is phenomenal. There is an amazing story behind our connection, but I will save that for a future blog post! If you need an excellent web designer, let me know and I will give you her contact information!

Needless to say, there have been many that God has given me to learn from. I think Sir Isaac Newton, brilliant mathematician and physicist, said it best: ‘If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Tomorrow, I will share more of my personal story and why sea glass is such a reminder of God’s presence in my life and love for me.

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Grateful for YOU!



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