Listen to the Whispers to Avoid the Tsunami

My mind takes me to places I’ll never see. Some of them are on my bucket list and require long plane rides across the deep, dark, and blue.

And at other times my mind drifts to people in my life. Some have already gone on to bigger and better things. Other dear ones struggling this very moment for the next breath.

Two are cackling in the room down the hall. They bless me with their presence every so often to make sure I am still upstairs. That I haven’t moved.

I see decades into the future with this powerful mind of mine. All in the same moment, defying chronos time, my mind drifts to the past. My mind is the ultimate time machine. It knows n0 time. It captures every experience. The joys and the sadness. And everything in between.

Memories blazed into the deep gyri and sulci of my brain. An organ that science will never be able to counterfeit. Nothing man can invent will ever come close to the majestic miracle known as our brain according to a neuroscience article I read recently.

A mass of cells and blood and synapses. The mastermind of being. Where everything literally makes sense.

But does it really ever make sense? Will I ever really know all that I need to know? Even today as I am praying for a friend of mine, my mind wants to know. I want to really be able to look into the future and see the end results. To be able to see what her future holds. But I can’t. And it kills me.

It kills me because I care about her.

And that is where this whole brain thing is flipped upside down. We are more than our brains. What we know {and don’t know}. We are feeling and responsive beings. We are deeply emotional and relational. Our brain is only part of the equation as brilliant as it is. Our soul/spirit (mind, will, and emotions) all work together in a harmonious euphony.

A dance that never ends.

Our physical body provides a temporary dwelling place for our three part beings. Our mind, will, and emotions that comprise our soul are so intricately woven together that they cannot be separated. Ever. We often try to compartmentalize our emotions or our thoughts temporarily. But when we attempt to ignore them completely, trouble is around the corner. Life is full of left turns.

When you ignore or suppress your thoughts and emotions, they will cry out for attention. And if you ignore or suppress them long enough, they may do crazy things to get your attention. To force you to pay attention. You can only stuff it down for so long. It will come back up.

Sort of like that person you run and hide from when you see her at Wal-Mart. Don’t lie. You know what I’m talking about.

What needs attention in your life? Where do you need to be more aware?

Sometimes it starts with a simple whisper. When you hear the whisper, that is your chance to take action. To pay attention. You will save yourself a lot of pain and misery by doing so. Don’t wait for the earthquake and the tsunami that will quickly follow!



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8 responses to “Listen to the Whispers to Avoid the Tsunami

  1. Cathy Williams

    Ok,…. so….. apparently someone told you about my attitude at work today, how 1st shift all kinda stared at me as they quickly evacuated the room to go home after shift report…… How they all left while they still had heads on their shoulders…………that’s ok….no problem…It’s no big deal that I have let stress build up in me, that I kept all the emotions pushed down inside….no big deal at all…………………..nope….not a big deal……………at all………….yea, I plan to apologize tomorrow at shift report…………………………… : (

  2. Ah, yes. Your voice is joining in with the others calling me to listen to the whisper. Sometimes it’s so hard to really listen to it because so much is louder, but thank you for the reminder!

  3. Oh yes… I am a great stuffer! But it always comes back and explodes when I don’t take the time to deal with it. Beautiful advice!

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