Embarking on a trip around the world…

Don’t you want to join me? For the next six months, I will be traveling around the world. Many countries and climates are included in my itinerary. I am so very excited! So much so that I can hardly believe it myself.

And, the best thing is….I will not have to leave the comfort and tranquility of my home to see all the new people, places, and things that await me.

Have I confused you, yet?

Okay, I confess. I am not {really} going on a trip around the world in the literal sense. But, in the figurative sense, I {really} am!

Starting today, June 25th, I plan to read one book per week until the end of the year. Fiction, nonfiction, children’s literature, the classics, poetry, cookbooks, etc. You name it and I hope to read it. All genres will be represented.

Why am I challenging myself to read a book per week until the end of the year? Why not just read for pleasure and at my own pace and not rush through 27 or 28 books? I have my reasons, but I also don’t want to box myself in to a certain goal or mission. I want to enjoy the books, learn new things, and experience new authors and genres that I have not taken the time to pursue before.

I have been planning this adventure for sometime and have most of my destinations lined up. However, if there is a fantastic book that you would recommend for my traveling adventure, please by all means, comment and let me know. And, even more joyous would it be if you joined me in taking your own literary trip around the world….?

The book I picked for this week is called: “Wish I Could Be There” by Allen Shawn. I was drawn to the book because the author struggles with severe phobias that limit his choices in life. To share more about the connection, I am very claustrophobic…very might be an understatement. So is Allen Shawn. However, he decided to write a memoir to face his demons.

I admire his bravery and we have something in common. Maybe, just maybe, I will learn a thing or two about myself on this leg of the journey around the world. I will offer a review of this book and reveal my next destination on Sunday, July 1st…I am SO very excited…but, got to go. My plane is leaving….



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10 responses to “Embarking on a trip around the world…

  1. What a great idea! Happy travelling!!!
    Have you read “Stepping Heavenward”? It is my one suggestions for MUST reads!

  2. Cool stuff! This book sounds interesting. I have a strange phobia that I have almost completely gotten over. Something in church this morning reminded me of it and I have a plan to bring it full circle andTrigiani kick it to the curb. Looking forward to reading about your reading. My recommendation is the Big Stone Gap trilogy by Adriana Trigiani. You’ll know me a little better then. She always goes to Italy, too.

    • Yes, Amy, I am diving in head first! Amazingly, I have learned so much just by reading the first two chapters. I will add the trilogy to my list. Sounds fascinating…and who wouldn’t want to go to Italy!!

  3. What fun! Will you share your book list? I would agree with Becky that Stepping Heavenward is a must read!

  4. sophie

    I’m up for it…I love books. Just finished “The Lord is My Shepherd, The Healing Wisdom of the 23rd Psalm” by Rabbi Kushner, now I’m starting “Leaving a Trace” by Alexandra Johnson. love you, sophie

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