Chicken {Pastry} Update

Instead of making rooster pastry, we left the roosters (Blackie and Wellsie) with the chicken man today. Callie cried for 2 hours. Yes, really cried. No drama, just pain. Some life lessons are hard for a 6-year old animal lover to understand.

However, she was able to pick out two new chickens. Female ones hopefully. There is a 10% chance that the new ‘girls’ will be males, but we are hoping for strong XX chromosomes.

Here are pictures of the new members of the Branch family:

Callie and Blondie

Callie and Snow White

The white one that Callie is holding is a white silkie bantam and the blonde one is a giant buff cochin. The bantam, or “Snow White”, will weigh around 2 pounds when she is grown, while “Blondie” will be around 8 pounds. Yes, we believe in extremes!

Most stories have good endings. I am thrilled to add that we are all smiles now. However, when Sean prayed before dinner tonight, a few tears rolled down my cheeks:

“Dear God, please let Blackie and Wellsie have a good life with the chicken man. Please don’t let him sell them and let him keep them forebber. Amen.”

He then looked at Callie (Dee to him) and said, “Don’t worry, Dee. The chicken man will take good care of the boys.”

Living life. Having fun and shedding a few tears along the way.


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6 responses to “Chicken {Pastry} Update

  1. Cathy Williams

    We have a white silkie as well. Not sure what the other 2 bantams are. Just hope little girls. They still have “cheeping” voices so we don’t know yet. Then we have the 5 “big” girls. Callie is a caregiver, tender and compassionate. Sean is already learning to be an intercessor, encourager and protector….Good job Lizzie!

  2. Venon

    Lizzie, cried when I read this. Sounds just like the two of them. Sean’s prayer would have had me floating in tears.

  3. sophie

    Sweet children!! Just like Mama!!! sophie

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