Weekly Intentions: Sacrifice

Our amazing symbol of freedom

She got up early every morning. And stayed up late most nights to check on him one last time. She never got uninterrupted sleep. But, she didn’t seem to mind. Her son was more important.

Before he was born, she wore a suit to work, high heels, and was never without make-up.

Life was different now, but so was she. He changed things. Turned her life and heart upside down.

Before he was born, her greatest sacrifice was deciding whether or not to pack her lunch for work or eat out with the girls. She could still eat out, but it was eating out in the parking lot after going through the drive through.

She was still young. 34-years old. And so was he. 4-years old. Truly a miracle. The doctors told her when he was weeks old, that he may be a vegetable for the rest of his and her life. You can’t survive without oxygen and when you are only minutes old and seizing, your brain cells can’t compete.

They also told her that it would be best if he didn’t survive. For both of them.  

Against all odds, he thrived as a baby and toddler under her full-time, round the clock care. There were some scary moments and nightmares that became reality.

At 4-years old, he is more like a 1-year old. He may live for decades. And she will be his primary care giver for all of those decades.

Because he is hers. And, she loves him enough to sacrifice the 6-figure income, high heels, and quick ascent up the corporate ladder. Enough to sacrifice her life. All of her. 


Giving up something for something else. Usually something less than what you are sacrificing. But that’s true only if you are adding up the costs. And sacrifice doesn’t know how to add. It only knows how to give.   

The ultimate sacrifice is that of giving one’s life. Like this mother does every single day. And night.

Reminds me of another sacrifice. Jesus.

He became the sacrifice for us. Not only did He sacrifice, He became the sacrifice. He went from being God to being God-man, flesh and bones. And, ultimately, He died and gave all so that we could live. Abundantly full lives. Free from fear and condemnation. Are you free because He paid the price? 

As we celebrate those men and women who are and have sacrificed tomorrow on Memorial Day, I challenge you to do two things:

1) Please thank someone who has served or who is currently serving in the Military. We cannot thank them enough. All gave some and some gave all. AND, thank someone else in your life who has sacrificed something so that you could have something more. Live bigger, deeper, fuller. I know who I am going to thank.

2) Think about what you can sacrifice in your life to make someone else’s life richer, better, fuller. I am praying about this with you and will post later this week with an update.

 Give a little today without counting the costs. The investment of you will mean so much for someone who needs it.

 “Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you’re not really losing it. You’re just passing it on to someone else.” 
~ Mitch Albom ~



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5 responses to “Weekly Intentions: Sacrifice

  1. “And sacrifice doesn’t know how to add. It only knows how to give.”

    I loved that line… beautifully said!

  2. staceydaze

    I love that quote you shared. The entire post is beautiful.

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