Without Ceasing

The emails find their way to my inbox and messages fill my voicemail on my cell phone. And I wonder how to pray for them all.

How do I lift all of them up before the throne of mercy and grace? Where healing and peace reside. Gifts for me and for them.

My heart is heavy for so many people. So many have cancer or sick children or family members near death. Broken bodies, spirits, and souls. Relationships in crisis, hearts bleeding, and families fighting.

I whisper a silent admission or maybe it’s a plea for help: “Lord, if I pray for all of these needs, I would never stop praying.”

In that very breath of burdened prayer, I ‘heard’ Him say, “You’ve got it, dear, you’ve got it.” And it hit me, hard.

Without ceasing. Don’t stop. Incessantly.

The greek for pray is: proseuchesthe. For without ceasing the Greek is: adialeiptōs. Put together they mean: to pray to God incessantly without interruption.

Oh my. There it is in black and white. My answer. THE answer.

How do you pray without ceasing, you wonder? Me too. So I asked Him.

When you rise up, when you lie down, when you eat, when you do laundry, when you commute, when you talk with them on the phone, when you workout, when you are getting ready in the morning. When you breathe.

Incessantly. All the time.

Prayer is a mindset. An inner dialogue between us and our Creator that can happen all the time and anywhere. Fellowship at its deepest level.

I think I am starting to get it. Maybe this is a side effect of slowing down.

If so, it is a side effect that I welcome.

“Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?”– Corrie Ten Boom


“Prayer is not so much an act as it is an attitude—an attitude of dependency, dependency upon God.” –Arthur W. Pink



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2 responses to “Without Ceasing

  1. staceydaze

    Love! And yes, I believe it’s a continual conversation we have with him, sharing our worries, fears, heartaches, surprises, joys, and praises. Lovely.

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