Weekly Intentions: Comparing

Look at her hair. Mine never looks that good. 

Man, I wish I had those shoes. She has a different pair for every day of the month.

That dress looks great on her. They probably don’t even make it in my size.

I wish I had a car like that. I can’t afford the clunker I’ve got.

Too bad my husband doesn’t work there. They always have more money than us.

Her kids are always dressed in {insert name brand}. They look so much better than {dare I say mine?}.

Have you said or thought any of these things lately? Or made other comparison statements like these? I am sure we all have. And you know what it does for us? Leaves us with many unwanted guests: jealousy, bitterness, depression, envy, and the rest of the brood.

Comparison is the thief of joy. It steals our joy and contentment faster than you can repeat one of the above lies.

This week, I am challenging you to be more aware of when you are thinking or saying statements like these. When you find one of these thoughts swimming in your head, don’t give the tadpole an opportunity to turn into a frog. Reframe the comparison. Instead of being jealous of the BMW she drives, tell her that you like her car. When you see a cute kid dressed in {insert name brand}, smile and tell them how cute they are. If you like someone else’s hair that much, tell them so and then ask for the name of their hairdresser.

Instead of being envious and allowing a bitter root to grow, look at the deeper issue. What do you want for YOUR life? How do you want YOUR life to be different? You can’t live anyone else’s life but YOURS. Make it the best you can with the resources you have.  

The last thing you need to do is compare yourself to others. Your only competition is you. And you win every time, if you do your best and keep your eyes focused on those things that really matter. The enduring and eternal.



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2 responses to “Weekly Intentions: Comparing

  1. Very excellent! And you’re so right… comparing ourselves to others, whether it’s things or abilities or what-have-you, nothing good comes out of that.

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