Living Snapshots for this Mama

It happened today. Again. Click. Click. Click. 

My eyes capture the vivid reminders and my soul stores them. Many snapshots just like these have seared themselves into my memory.

I’ve been watching them and savoring snapshots for over 6 years.

Through pain and anguish they both made their debut. Flesh of my flesh and bones of my bones. Perfect genetic combinations that testify to the strength and beauty of marriage and love.

His love and our commitment to love Him, each other, and them…for better or worse. Birthed out of a beautiful marriage covenant before many witnesses almost 13 years ago, two amazing children have changed me and named me “mama”. For the better. Even though the worst of me still comes out.

Blonde and blue. Long and tall. One gregarious and the other reserved. One sees the whole picture. The other focuses on every detail. Both wild with delight. The world is their playground and where they will one day find their own way when they leave the home that has grown them. 

They both have smiles that melt my heart. And always will.

One day when they are no longer children, they will love their own. And finally understanding how much I love them when they hold their own for the first time. More snapshots will be captured with a different lens. The legacy will continue.  

Moments frozen in time that tell a grand story. One that I love to retell. His story. Loving God and loving each other.

More than anything else in my life, being a “mama” to my babies has taught me how to love, and more importantly, how much He loves me. Oh, how He loves me, and you!

Happy Mother’s Day! Take a moment and capture some snapshots today!


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