Tuesdays are Terrific for Playing!

If you are a follower of my blog {and I hope you are!}, you know that I am learning to be more intentional about my life. In an attempt to fully live instead of sleep walking through life, I am learning some things all over again with fresh eyes. Like the fact that Tuesdays are terrific for playing. Here’s why:

I am learning to paint on Tuesdays with my elementary, middle, and high school art teacher!!!! Yes, she is the same person, Judy Boyette. And she is terrific as well. Can you feel the joy in my heart?? Here is a picture of us with one of our finished works:


I am learning to play, which requires me to intentionally slow down. And, I am having so much fun. I may never be the next Picasso, but that’s okay with me. I will be the best Lizzie I can be. No one else qualifies for that masterpiece.

Here’s to terrific Tuesday! Have you played today?



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5 responses to “Tuesdays are Terrific for Playing!

  1. Lisa Elliott

    That’s so much more beautiful than Picasso!!!

  2. That’s beautiful!! I”m so glad that you’re taking time out… it IS important!

  3. staceydaze

    That is so cool!!

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