Weekly Intentions: Saying Good-Bye

I was challenged to write for five minutes on the word ‘good-bye’ this past Friday. A very fun challenge that also got my wheels turning round and round. And, to be honest, they are still turning.

I used to believe that saying good-bye was a bad thing. Superstitious and fearful me made it feel like someone was dying if I let go of something or someone. I always wanted to be the peacemaker and make everything okay. Can you imagine what that did to my soul? Well, many things, but I will share a couple.

First, it hardened me. I would avoid new adventures or new relationships because honestly I knew they would end badly. And a bad good-bye might be involved. This encouraged small living because I would not venture into any unknown territory. What a pitiful way to live!

Next, it caused me to hang onto a whole lot of crap. Now, in our house, that is a ‘bad word’. So, I don’t use it lightly here. But, it is quite appropriate. If you never say good-bye because you are afraid of something that probably isn’t going to happen anyway, you end up with a lot of junk, literally and figuratively. 2011 was my year of shedding the material and emotional/mental/spiritual junk.

Now, I could go into a lot of details of what I mean by this, but I will save some of those stories for future blog material. Keep checking back! But as a result of God’s redemptive work in my life, I now know that not all good-byes are bad or painful. On the contrary, they can and have been life altering. For goodness sakes, they are GOOD-byes!!

You know what’s next. I am going to ‘get in your business’. What (or who) do you want to say good-bye to in your life? What (or who) is holding you back from being the person God is calling you to be?

What’s one thing that you can say good-bye to this week that will lighten your load and help you be more intentional about living the live God has called you to live?

I am beyond excited for you! Feel free to share by posting a comment or private messaging me.

GOOD-BYE for now! Stay tuned for the next Weekly Intention on next Sunday! 



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2 responses to “Weekly Intentions: Saying Good-Bye

  1. staceydaze

    OH I so have an answer!! I will end up blogging about it more tomorrow, but I have this fear that STRANGLES me everytime I have to spar at my tae kwon do class. I DESPERATELY want to say goodbye to that!

  2. Lisa Elliott

    I think I’m in a season of good-byes right now, the biggest being good-bye to the way things have always been. Looks like we’re getting ready to sell our vehicle “fleet” and buy just one new car (long story folks, but Lizzie’ll understand), and saying hello to doing life God’s way. Truly I’m looking forward to that, but I’m not so sure about my boys. Am wondering if my hellos are mine alone??? Because the boys are looking at them with bug eyes and question marks! However, with that said, if something’s gonna change then something’s got to change so tally ho and away we go! Just sure am praying I’m leaping in the pond God poured.

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