We have WINNERS!!!!

He is the Light of the world!

I am SO excited to announce that 14 eager, creative, and brilliant women entered the challenge to win a FREE coaching session! This morning my son drew THREE names from the top hat! We have three winners!

If you won, you will hear from me today via email or a FB message. If you did not win the free coaching session as a result of this initial drawing, no worries! I will offer a free coaching session again in the near future. As a result of entering this challenge, you are already in the running for the next free coaching session. Stayed tuned to my blog for the next challenge and next free coaching session.

The best way to make sure you don’t miss my blog posts is to sign up to receive them via email. You can easily do this from my blog. Hope you will join the others who have already signed up!

I will also post another Weekly Intention on Easter Sunday. This one promises to ruffle some ‘feathers’. You don’t want to miss it!

Grateful for each of you! May your holiday weekend be one of joyous celebration! He is RISEN, friends! And because He is risen, we can truly live!


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