As some of you know, I am participating in a 31 day writing challenge. Here is today’s challenge and my offering below:

Today’s Challenge: Write a post involving a recipe or a process, but try to infuse the post with your personality or thoughts. Don’t over think this one. Brushing your teeth, cooking macaroni and cheese, and grocery shopping are all seemingly mundane processes, but they are intriguing when we see them from your perspective. Word to the wise, steer clear of the “and then I” syndrome. 

She never measured anything. I remember asking her how she knew how much to add. She confidently said, “When you’ve made as many biscuits as I’ve made, you just know.”

Hot buttermilk biscuits. Who doesn’t like them? Daily, my nanny would make dozens of them. And I would watch. And wait.

On the worn and creaky wooden bench, I had the best seat in the house. Directly across from the tan-colored “flour bowl”. She would place the unmeasured flour in the bowl and make a hole in the middle to serve as the well for the lard and buttermilk that came next.

I was mesmerized by her hands mixing and kneading the dough until it “all came together”. She would then form each ball of raw dough in her palms and roll it around until it was “just right”. She lined them up side by side on the oven aged sheet pans, and pressed them down, just a little, “to help them cook evenly”.

In the oven and out in 15 minutes. They were perfect every time. Hot, round, flakey masterpieces of flour, lard, and buttermilk. Three boring ingredients combined with heat, made our mouths water for more.

I have attempted to make them many times. And each time, they taste nothing like what I remember from my youth. I do believe she had a secret ingredient…love. I miss her buttermilk biscuits, but I miss her more. Maybe one day, I will replicate the best and make a “nanny worthy” buttermilk biscuit.

Makes you hungry for biscuits and jelly or a country ham biscuit, doesn’t it?

Not tonight for me. Maybe tomorrow, though! If you read my blog post from yesterday, Weekly Intentions: Change , you will know why I will be in bed by 10pm. Don’t forget to comment to for a chance to win a free coaching session!!


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