Batman … my little man

He bellows from the top of the stairs, “Mom!!! Can I wear my batman costume to school?”

He doesn’t hear me answer, so he gets louder, “MOM!”

“Yes, son?”

“Yes, I can wear it?” he asks back with a certain unbelievable surprise.

It is his birthday and he will only be 4 once. I really don’t think his preschool teacher will mind.

Born on this day, 4 years ago, he entered into the world screaming. The volume has yet to be decreased. My, oh my.

In the midst of all my thinking about my batman, my little man, he comes springing down the steps, ready to save the day. I ask Batman what he wants for breakfast and he says the usual, “a fly on a log”. I know that doesn’t sound like Batman appropriate food, but he sure seems to love it.

Then he makes my day, maybe my year. “Mom, will you be Robin with me so we can save the world?”

Batman … my little man.




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10 responses to “Batman … my little man

  1. This is so sweet- I confess, I’m a little teary! It makes my heart happy when I see the unreserved love of a mama for her boy. I can’t help it! 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Oh, he sounds so fun! I have a four year old too and he is so full of life. I will miss the day he stops asking me to play. Happy Birthday to your little guy.

  3. Cathy Williams

    Every little boy Batman needs his Mama Robin to help save his world! Such trust and such love! Treasure, treasure, treasure!! One day Batman will walk down the hall and drape his lanky arm over your shoulder, look down on you (literally) with hair on his chin and ask “Where’s the food?” and you will think….”Who are you and what happened to my little Batman!?” ………

  4. mjbonner1021

    This is just too precious! It will pass so quickly…

  5. molly

    Awww lizzie….how sweet …just remember 4 or 40 …he will always be your superhero!!!! Happy birthday sean!

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