Extrapolate this!!

I love to write and I love to share what I write on my blog. In an attempt to sharpen my skills, I have joined fellow writers and bloggers on a 31 day challenge to become a better writer. It has been fascinating thus far. Here is an example of one of the assignments from this week:

Extrapolate!! Write about the photograph below:  (Photo courtesy of Mr. ThinkTank)

City Streets on a rainy day in Dunedin, New Zealand

Here is my humble offering:

She drove by that house on Sunset Avenue everyday as she hummed along to the latest and greatest tune. For 8 years, she did this as she drove to work. And she wondered why every day.

Purple. Why purple?

Some afternoons on her way home, she would see an older couple on the front steps. Sitting close. They were enjoying the warm rays from the soon to be setting sun and each other. She would throw her hand up at them and they would always wave and exchange smiles with her.

She imagined them to be in their early seventies, about the age of her grandparents, who didn’t seem to be the purple type. More estate beige or desert tan or linen white. Maybe even periwinkle blue, but purple? Not a chance.

But, just seeing the stately home robed in royal purple that saluted her morning and evening five days a week, made her smile. It became a beacon in her journey that marked the half way point from home to work and work to home.

One sunny August afternoon, she had to slow down as she made her way home down Sunset Avenue. Unfamiliar cars lined the street. As she crept by the royal purple home, she could see a gorgeous flowing wreath. A purple wreath, robed in brilliant purple chrysanthemums.

She gasped as her physical body caught up to her mental realization. Someone died.

She had stopped her car and parked down the street before she even realized what she was doing. She was walking towards the royal purple home in tears.

As she knocked on the door, the beauty of the chrysanthemums took her breath away.

A middle-aged woman with silver hair answered the door. “Miss, I don’t know you and I don’t really know why I’m here. Except, I have to know. I don’t mean to be nosey, but who passed away?”

When I left the royal purple home that evening with swollen eyes and a heavy heart, I knew. Purple was her favorite color. When she was diagnosed 10 years earlier with Alzheimer’s, he wanted her to be surrounded by the people and things she loved. And royal purple it was. A beacon not only for me, but for her, too.   

I will share more as I continue this challenge. I am excited to be learning from so many amazing bloggers. If you have ever considered blogging and have been hesitant, this group would be a great place to learn and share. Let me know if you are interested. Write on!




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9 responses to “Extrapolate this!!

  1. Jerranna

    I loved your extrapolation of that photo! Your words drew me right in and plucked my heart strings. Great job. I’ve thought about writing. I have been told I should even. Inbox me the info in case I dare move forward this time….

  2. Your kind words are too much! Thank you. I love this rendition of this street and something you experienced on it. Wonderful job!

  3. Cathy Williams

    How did I miss this post!? Great job! Hit too close to home though….

  4. Cathy Williams

    Did a brief scan…..will let you know when I do a full scan and get the results. Can’t make a quick diagnosis although I do see some suggestive symptoms! : )

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