Me: “Yes, he will be 4.”

Them: “Really, I would have guessed 5! He is tall!”


Them: “Does he start school this fall?”

Me: “No, he will start Kindergarten next fall. He will be 4 in March.”

Them: “Oh, wow!” {followed by the uncomfortable silent pause} “He sure is big for 3!”

I have had these conversations with many people lately. Sean seems to attract a bit of attention because of his height, or maybe it’s his handsome looks {I am a proud momma}.

Yes, folks. He turned 4 about an hour ago. Just 4.

And please don’t rush it. We are having too much fun!




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6 responses to “4.

  1. Venon

    What a handsome little boy…..those eyes are georgous

  2. Cathy Williams

    Girl, I don’t have to tell you to hang on to each moment! He is beautiful! (At 4, I can say that!!)

  3. sophie


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