Looking back…

I can get so caught up in the “to do’s” and “goals” of life. It becomes life. And, that is not the life I want to live. Or share. I don’t want to look back one day and wish I had done more. There will always be more to do.

Life…living. Living to me is taking time to live. To slow down. To remember and absorb all. All the people, opportunities, and things that God places in my life.

So, tonight, I am pausing for a few minutes and looking back over the past 7 days:

Best find: a Jonathan Strong sports jacket for Sean from Goodwill. Get this. Never worn, tags on it, and my favorite color: GREEN! And, it set us back a whopping $2.39!

Lesson learned: Even though I have been working more, I have much more energy and I look forward to each coaching call. I have learned that when you are working within your passion, it really isn’t work. It is desire that calls you forth into more of who God made you to be. Grateful.  

Time saved: about 1.5 hours per day! How you ask? Dishwasher. Oooh la la! I am in love with my NEW dishwasher! It saves me 1.5 hours per day. I know. I am sure you are thinking why didn’t you have a dishwasher. We did. One that didn’t clean the dishes for 5 LONG years. We finally broke down, parted with way more than $2.39 and bought a very nice dishwasher…that actually cleans the dishes. Not the best find financially, but by far the best time saver this week. And when you cook and eat 3 meals a day from scratch, you need a dishwasher…and not a tall dark handsome one like I had for 5 years. I think my main squeeze is happier about this acquisition than me!

Best investment: Reading at night with our kids. They never ever want us to stop reading. The return on this investment cannot be measured.

New tradition: We started lighting a candle every evening when we have family dinners at our table. Truly the heart of our home. The candle is a visual representation of God’s presence, the Light of the world. We ask Him to join us as we break bread together as a family.

Before you join the rat race tomorrow, take some time tonight and reflect on the life you lived last week.

Grateful for you, my readers. I write not because I have to. I can’t not write. Thank you for pausing to read.


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8 responses to “Looking back…

  1. Cathy Williams

    I love your “best investment”. It is also one of my best ones. Although now, he reads one his own, the time I did spend with my son reading has been one of my greatest pleasures.
    Your “lesson learned” nags at me.
    “Best find” well, as gross as it may sound…the mouse droppings under the microwave at work!! Now maybe co workers will be more mindful of the mess they leave behind (Regretfully, my nurse manager would not let me save them for “show & tell”…????)
    “Time saved”..brushing my teeth in the shower..esp since I can be a bit OC with the brushing…I can get my hair wet while I brush!
    “New tradition”…hmmm……pondering….
    Your next to last statement falls under “nags at me” as well…….
    Grateful I can pause to read!

    • Oh Cathy! Not trying to nag…but as the Holy Spirit leads sweet sister! I love your best find…maybe it will be ample motivation for your co-workers!!

      • Cathy Williams

        Not nag as in you are a nag, but nags as in…well….ponder, mull it over, chew on it nag……….one of those positive on the writers part nag…..Crazy woman!!

  2. lol…you know I am a few degrees from normal…thankful that I am a nag then!! ( ; To write well is to cause your readers to feel the nag…that could be a tag line!!

  3. Lori

    I just spent time journaling about my priorities and how much the things that are consuming my time are not matching up with my priorities. I am totally unsure of how to change things right now…the job…yeah…it is taking up almost all of my waking hours, but it is extremely difficult to let things go when I know that I have 14 two-year olds counting on me. Things are very far from OK right now after our whole class transitioned to a new school, and everything that needs to be done in the room seems so urgent. BUT…this needs to change. Personal time and self-care are also becoming urgent needs!!! I think that I’ll start taking some by creating a “Best of” list. 🙂

    BEST FIND: Pair of Brooks Tennis Shoes at DSW on the clearance rack. They were discounted down to $26.00 from an original price of $108.00. Aside from the huge savings, my chiropractor suggested that I wear Brooks, but it is difficult to find a 5.5 anywhere. Apparently they’ve been chilling on the clearance rack at DSW!
    LESSON LEARNED: God really does know my actual breaking point. I didn’t think that I could make it through all that has gone on in my classroom thus far, but I did. I made it longer than I ever imagined, but after 6.5 weeks of chaos, I was starting to break. So He sent me help…and I don’t mean a little bit of help…at least half of the things that I’ve been frustrated about or asked for appeared in my room between Thursday and Friday. It was so astonishing and relieving that I cried. Seriously. It may have seemed like no one was listening, but He was.
    TIME SAVED: At least 10 minutes a day…I stopped rebelling against the concept of toll roads and started taking the new toll portion of 147. it might cost me money, but I decided that my time is precious.
    NEW TRADITION: Can I call yesterday’s “I refuse to do anything for work or for my classroom all day” a new tradition? I think that I should. I need to commit at least one day to focus on something else. After all, as much as I love the children, I do not want to get to the end of my life and know that the only thing that can be said about me is “She was a good teacher.”

    Thanks for the reminder, Lizzie. Have a fabulous week!!!

    • Lori,
      Loved your responses!! And yes, you can call yesterday’s choice a new and maybe standing tradition. You can’t be available to help others if you are not first available to your own needs. And, take the darn toll road!! My husband is rebelling, too!

      • Lori

        I was sold on the toll road starting last week. Ha. Once I finished my temper tantrum and realized that I was only hurting myself, I started driving on it. I think that there are many others who are slower to give up their tantrums because I’m alone most of the time that I’m on the road…well…minus the cops that seem to congregating there. As for yesterday’s time spent not planning for The Land of Potty Training, I seem to be making up for lost time right now. Yup. Finishing lesson plans as we speak. Grrrrr.

      • baby steps my friend!! I, too, am finishing work on this Monday eve…heading to bed in a few. Love the Land of Potty Training…sounds like a not so pleasant smelly adventure!

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