Bananas and Debit Cards

I worked from home this morning while Sean was at preschool. I left home around 11am so I could stop by the bank to make a deposit before I picked up Sean for a lunch date. 

When I was walking out to my car after making the deposit, I sensed something. Something that said to me: “go to the grocery story”.

I wrestled with this thought a little bit … okay, a lot. It is only Tuesday and I went to the grocery store this weekend. We don’t really need anything from the grocery store. All the while, the message resonated: “go to the grocery store”.

I finally tapped out and listened to this voice and went to Lowe’s Food in Clayton.

Even as I was walking in the grocery story, I again thought, “Why am I here? I don’t need anything.” 

We were out of bananas. And my kids love bananas.

But, I wasn’t there for the bananas.

God had a different plan. I bought my bananas and started walking back to my car. I noticed a shiny silver Wells Fargo debit card on the asphalt beside a car parked in one of the handicap parking spots.

My heart nearly leapt out of my chest. I picked up the card and took it to Samantha in the Customer Service Department at Lowe’s Food. I told her where I found it and she smiled and said, “You have made someone’s day! I will page them over the loudspeaker.”

I didn’t even look at the card to see whose it was. I was so caught up in the supernatural visit to buy bananas that I didn’t even think to look at the name.

I guess we needed something from the grocery store after all. There really is nothing normal about walking with Him. He made my day!

Lord, help me to be aware of your Presence, your Voice, your Spirit. Thank you for this interruption today that helped realign my wandering heart to trust your Voice. And, thank you for the bananas.

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