ZeBrA Among the Horses

His eyes blazed brilliant. Steel blue. Frozen with curious wonder.

I watched him. With my own curious wonder. He saw something I didn’t. Not at first.

He was on a mission. Intense.

Completely unaware of his audience, he lunged for the buttons and control switches. Out of his car seat and free to roam. To wander. And wonder.

Transfixed by the newness of it all. He touched all of them. Waiting to see what would happen. 

The ignition was shut off. Sitting still in the parking lot, and he was on an adventure.

Impervious to anyone else in the cab of the truck, he managed to stand up on the console and turn a couple more interesting knobs.

Then he glanced at me. Grinned that silly grin. And said, “mom!”


In his giddy exuberance, he was transfixed and it didn’t matter what anyone else was doing. He was completely unaware that we were watching.

He was a zebra among the horses.

Zebras at the National Zoo in DC

What causes you to be overcome with giddy, curious exuberance? 

I have always been intrigued by zebras. Maybe because they feel like family.

What color are your stripes? Mine are multicolored, sort of like the fruit stripe chewing gum that was so popular when I was a kid.

Why settle for being a horse when you can be a zebra?


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