I do believe that more than anything else, the thing that holds us back the most takes up residence between our ears.

The voice that tells you that you could never do that thing. That you will always be this way. No one would want to read anything you write. Don’t even think about signing up for that marathon…you can’t even run a 5k. You don’t deserve any better. Look where you came from. You have the wrong last name. You don’t know the right people. People don’t care about you so why do you care about them.

Any of those sound vaguely familiar? We shoot ourselves in the foot before we ever take the first step. Because we listen. To that voice. The voice that wants us to fail. Miserably.

Maybe that’s why most of us never change. We settle. Change is hard. And we might make a mistake or fail miserably. But, we just might succeed. And that might just be scarier than failing. At least we are used to failing. Succeeding is a whole different story.

What are you most afraid of failing at? What risk would you be willing to take if you knew success was the only outcome?

Taking the first step and facing your fear of failure is success.

Now are you willing to step into your future? Success is your only outcome.



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4 responses to “Success

  1. Failure of the worst kind – never trying! Thank you for taking time to post these thoughts, Lizzie.

  2. Ah, very much a battle in my head this week, so I appreciated your thoughts!

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