We had an appointment to pick up the last of our baby chicks (2 Welsummers and a quail) around lunch time today and I needed another heat lamp for them. Sean and I landed at Lowe’s Home Improvement this morning after dropping Callie off at school. I am not one to waste time looking for things so I stop the first associate I see and we had the following conversation:

Lizzie: “Sir, where are your heat lamps?”

Associate: “Well, let’s go get your lightbulbs first.”

{I was wondering if HE heard me clearly since HE completely ignored my question.}

Lizzie: “I already have lightbulbs, sir…100 watt, 75 watt, 60 watt, and 40 watt. I need a heat lamp. Not lightbulbs.”

Associate: “Well, let’s go get your heat lamp.”

He didn’t have much to say after he led me to the heat lamps. I was still a little puzzled by his desire to help me purchase light bulbs when I never asked for light bulbs.

As with any situation in life, I try to learn from situations that I experience.

Here’s todays life lesson: If you want light bulbs, ask for a heat lamp.


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