The Purpose Behind the Practice

Last week, I blogged about a new practice that God has been inviting me to start in my life. Here is the summary again:

“I believe that we need a place, a sanctuary that is inviting.

I believe that we need a purpose, to sit still and soak in His illumination.

I believe God’s promises that give me sustenance and are invigorating.

I believe that I will see progress whereby my soul is nourished and I will have internal peace.”

Now that we have the place (or where) established (click here), I will get more specific with this blog about my purpose (or what) behind the practice. My communing with God looks a little different every time. I am not legalistic about it. Actually, I try to avoid having plans when I pause and spend time with God.

As I think about my relationships with my husband, children, family, and friends, the most memorable times I have spent with them were mostly unplanned. Except for the showing up part…and sometimes that has been unplanned, too!

So you might be thinking, what do you do when you are in your sanctuary…there’s that word again. Do. Well, I don’t do a whole lot, but show up and be still.

I come before God, ask for His presence to fill me and my office and I am usually surprised by what happens. I don’t have any grand plans. Only my love for Him and my desire to be in His presence.

Sometimes I pray and listen. I write down a few things He reveals to me. I sing a lot. I take a few deep breaths. I often repeat a verse or two of scripture in my mind. Or read it out loud. I keep some post it notes in the drawer on my red table so that I can write down those “to do” list things that bubble to the surface once my mind is quiet enough to give them oxygen.

Often, I thank Him for the overflow of goodness and mercy that He has given to me. On the altar of thanksgiving. I break bread with Him and enjoy His fellowship. It is like having dessert before dinner.

Some days I hear from God and other days, I don’t. But, the more important thing is that I keep showing up. It is similar to my relationship with my husband. Some days we have great conversations and we plan for the future. Other days, we just sit with a cup of coffee and enjoy each others presence.

The purpose, my friends, is to be with Him. Simple. Yet, so difficult for me to sit. Still.

Regardless of what may or may not happen during my communion with God, I long to soak in His illumination. When I view my life and my small, yet significant role in this universe, it only comes into focus when it is viewed under His Light.

When I am with Him, all is truly well.

If you would take the time to be still in God’s presence, what would you share with Him?

In the next few days, I will blog about some of God’s promises that give me sustenance and invigorate me to come back for more.

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