Our Growing Family…

Yep, you read that right. Our family is expanding. By 8! No, we’re not having octuplets…but I bet I got your attention!!!

Since we can’t have a dog or cat without buying stock in Kleenex, we are adding 8 African Cichlids to our family. For those of you like me (until this week) who thought that African Cichlids were the African version of cockroaches, they are tropical fish. And here they are:

Aren’t they beautiful?? We started with four this week and will add four more next week. We have Goldy, Lapper the Lemondrop, Stealth, and Blueberry. Only the good Lord knows what the next four will be named!

Here is their home:


I will let know you who joins the bunch next week when our brood doubles.  I honestly don’t know who is happier, my children or my husband.




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9 responses to “Our Growing Family…

  1. Nice set up there, you got me! These are really beautiful and the names are awesome! I’m sure you will have fun stories to share! Congratulations? 😉

  2. : )!! Yes, congratulations are in order. Thank you! Can’t wait to see what the others are named!

  3. Lisa Elliott

    Fish are so smart and so much fun. Pay a lot of attention to them and they will be more fun than a dog without all the details. Just don’t bang on the aquarium walls cuz it hurts their “ears”.

  4. Venon

    Liz, they are beautiful fish….very colorful. So, Anthony is as excited as the children. Keep me posted. I bet Anthony remembers the aquarium I had in Fayetteville.

  5. Venon, he loves them!! And yes, he remembers your aquarium, too.

  6. You Stinker! I was going to give you a hard time for announcing something so momentous on your blog and not in person! Fish tanks are so wonderful and relaxing….except when you have to clean them that is. Enjoy your new additions.

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