Out of the mouth of…

…my sweet innocent son came the most interesting thing last night. For the new year, we are memorizing one to a few verses of scripture each week. Our verses for last week were:

1 Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.

2 Honor your father and mother (which is the first commandment with a promise),

3 So that it may be well with you, and that you may live long on the earth.

Ephesians 6:1-3

As part of Callie and Sean’s daily responsibilities, we read our weekly verses and talk about them. Callie reads them first while we all listen and then Sean sits in my lap and follows along on the paper as I read them out loud. I knew he was listening, but I didn’t know how well until last night.

We had already started our new verses for this week, but Sean insisted that I get out the verse from last week. So I did…

Sean: “Mom, I want to read it my way.”

Me: “Okay, buddy. Go for it!”

Sean: “Mother and Father, obey your children, for this is right!” {followed by a giant smile and laughs all around}

Not only does he get it at 3 years old, but he gets it well enough to know how to make it work for him…I was awestruck. This is cute at three, but it showed me not to under-estimate his ability to incorporate truth into his life. Youth can never be an excuse for not exposing your children to God’s word. It will not return void. Our children see and hear more than we could ever imagine. Lead by example and they will follow.

Grateful for His Word today.




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3 responses to “Out of the mouth of…

  1. It’s a mark of good parenting that Sean knew that he was making a joke! How often have I tried to manipulate God’s Word to my own benefit? How often have I then tried to live as if what I said was true instead of what the Lord declared as righteous? You have given me many things to consider today, thanks to you and Sean for this instruction!

    • Oh Cindy, thank you for your encouragement. It is nice to know that some of the things you are teaching your kids actually land in a soft and fertile place. I thought the same thing you mentioned…how many times have I tried to manipulate God’s word to work for me. I, too, am pondering!!

  2. Cathy Williams

    Our children absorb more than we realize. My son was talking with me the other day about prayer. It went something like this: Son, “The Lord’s prayer in Matt was given as a model prayer. And everyone has started chanting it like a mantra and not hearing what it is saying.” Me: thinking “Who is this child? and where did you put my son?” Then closing my gapped open mouth and forming my words with care “Oh my goodness, you are so right!” Then we had to go outside of the green house because my chest was so full of pride over my son, the sides of the greenhouse started to bulge…….Selah

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