An Epic Battle for Life

A battle of epic proportions. For life. Abundantly so.

Diesel and dust. Tobacco harvest and family. A tractor rumbling in the near distance. A toy left behind in the sand between the barns.

Curious. Stubborn. Determined.

A mass of steel and rubber rounding the corner. Suddenly upon flesh and bones. It all happens so fast. Blindingly so. A little girl, blonde and blue, trapped between sand and rubber.

Life in the balance – a battle of epic proportions.

A two and a half-year old versus eternity…

Bones broken. Flesh bruised and tattooed by a tractor tire. Family wailing.

But, 10,000 angels cheering. Their wings make the sweetest sound. Even now I can hear them.

My mother’s love. Cradled in her arms. Her not knowing if she would ever see me walk or run again. Her not knowing.

The smell of death not far away – a battle of epic proportions.

But the snarl of the lion on a leash was quieted by the One who holds the keys of life and death and by 10,000 angel wings that day.

Rushed to the ER and x-rays and tests ordered. A 5 day hospital stay. Learning to crawl and walk again with my family’s help. The pain obvious, but the will power greater. I think I can, I think I can.

A lifetime of healing. Grace.

Curious. Stubborn. Determined.

When  you’ve faced death so intimately, life takes on new meaning. To walk is special. To run is a gift.

Even though I have no physical memory of this September day over 3 decades ago, God has allowed me to see that it was not my time. He chose life for me on this day. He was between me and the massive tractor wheel holding back the unbearable weight.

As I write this tonight, my heart aches for a mother who lost her son this week. He was run over by a car. I don’t know her, but she went to school with my husband. Every time I hear of someone getting run over, especially a child, I am reminded of my own encounter. I could have had the same fate. I have a three-year old son. She did, too.

I don’t understand why God chose for me to live and for him not to. I weep for that mom tonight. I cannot imagine the weight of her unbearable pain and grief.

I don’t have the answers. I can’t even begin to understand God’s hand. I don’t know His plans for tomorrow.

I mean who survives getting run over by a 2,000 pound tractor?

I wouldn’t even know what to say to this mom who is grieving her son. I would probably hold her hand and weep with her.

It doesn’t even begin to make sense to me. The solace I can have is that it is okay for me to not know. To not have the answers. It is okay for me to weep and dance in the unknown with my God who knows all.

My God is big enough for that.

We don’t always get second chances. We can’t turn back the hands of time.

What are you waiting for? Who do you want to forgive or who do you want to say ‘I love you’ to? Don’t wait until it’s too late.




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6 responses to “An Epic Battle for Life

  1. Jerranna

    I am so glad God let us keep you here Lizzie. Thanks for such a touching post.

  2. Stephanie N

    Beautiful, Lizzie. I didn’t know this story. I’m so glad you are here today

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