Until about two years ago, I had no idea what Advent meant. I wasn’t versed in Christianise as a child and to be honest, didn’t pay much attention to some of the rituals that surround Christmas in most Christian churches. I observed the lighting of the Advent candles for the 4 Sundays preceding the birthday of Jesus Christ for years. But, it didn’t mean anything to me until I had children of my own and had to explain it to them…here is what I would have said 2 years ago before I figured out what the Advent season means:

Did you chuckle?? I did…out loud. I have no shame in my ignorance, only shame in staying that way.

I now realize that Advent, which is a Latin word that means “coming”, is a season of preparing my heart for the birth of Christ. Before, it meant watching 4 candles being lit on 4 different Sundays. What changed? Me. I took some responsibility for my own belief system and figured out what I professed to believe in.

What are you doing to prepare your heart for the Christmas celebration that culminates in the birth of Christ? Maybe this video will help you decide what’s the next best step for you:

For me, I am doing less and just being still more. It does not come naturally for me. Shopping is done and most are wrapped. We are going through an Advent calendar with the kids. A dear friend recommended it and we started it tonight. Here is the link: But most of all, I am enjoying the Advent season through the blue eyes of two children who want to know more about Jesus and why we celebrate His birth. That is the best gift I will get this season and I will unwrap it daily for the next 4 weeks. Grateful.

Here is a link to Ann Voskamp’s version of an Advent celebration:

Whatever your Advent season looks like, may you be filled with peace and joy in the days before we celebrate the birth of Christ.




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2 responses to “Advent??

  1. Suzanne Sweat

    I love this idea! Thanks for sharing. Lily and Levi received an Advent calendar a few days ago, and have been waiting anxiously for December 1st to begin opening the small squares and enjoying the chocolate and legos inside. This morning, Lily ran down the stairs, calendar in hand, reminding me that it was finally time to partake of these small pleasures. Even the Advent calendars have become commercialized. Thank you for sharing ways to refocus our Christmas traditions on Christ.

    • You’re welcome! It is difficult to help our kids shift from the commercialization of our society to a Christ-centered Christmas. It started in my own heart first. Praying you and your family enjoy the peace and joy of Christ during this season.

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