10 Things NOT to Say…

…to someone with gluten sensitivity or Celiac:

1. I am sure a little bit won’t hurt you…

2. But, it’s your birthday. You have to eat some cake…

3. But, it’s your child’s birthday… (finish this one using number 2 above)

4. You mean you really don’t eat your hamburger with a bun?

5. Soy sauce doesn’t have gluten!?

6. Maybe since you haven’t had gluten in so long, you could tolerate small amounts now and then…

7. Are you sure that has gluten in it?

8. Everybody is eating gluten free now…it must be some kind of fad or something…

9. We were going to ask you to go out to eat with us, but we knew you wouldn’t be able to eat anything…

10. Surely, gravy is gluten free…

It’s really simple, folks. Come from a place of curioisty and ask questions. Be sincere and sensitive to others needs. Don’t make assumptions and choose to remain ignorant.

“Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.” Benjamin Franklin



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2 responses to “10 Things NOT to Say…

  1. Lori Knudsen

    THANK YOU, LIZZIE!!! I’d like to add a few to the list…how about…

    13. I need to eat that way, too. I’m so out of shape!
    14. What happens if you eat gluten? (Trust me…if it’s something that a Gastroenterologist treats, you REALLY don’t want to know).
    15. I could never eat that way. I like my cake too much. (Thanks for rubbing it in)!

    Maybe we could make a small business card with this list that could be easily handed out to friends and loved ones. 🙂

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