Impact: The Ripple Effect

“She will never know the impact her 5 minute conversation had on my life.”

“I wish I could thank the person that paid for my lunch yesterday. I will never know who he is, but his impact on my life will last a lifetime.”

“She will never know what she really did for me. She made such a huge impact with such a little gesture.”

“I never knew that giving to someone else would feel so good to me. That really impacted me.”

Small gestures of kindness. Words of thanksgiving and praise. Gifts of love and sacrifice.

You may never know how much something you do or say will impact people who cross your path. For the better or worse. The comments in quotes are real…true impact moments.

Do you recall tossing pebbles into a pond as a young child? I still love to toss pebbles into a pond or lake. There is something mesmerizing about watching the ripples created by the small unassuming pebble. Small, yet full of impact.

What can you do tomorrow, however small, that will cause ripples?

You are leaving an impact or making ripples, whether you realize it or not. Start small, and you may be surprised at the tsunamis that can be created.

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