No regrets!!

“Cowardice asks the question – is it safe?
Expediency asks the question – is it politic?
Vanity asks the question – is it popular?
But conscience asks the question – is it right?
And there comes a time when one must take a position
that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular;
but one must take it because it is right.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

My nanny used to always say to me, “do the right thing”. Now, even as a child, I knew what she meant. Don’t do what will make you happy…unless it is the right thing. Don’t do what will make everyone else happy…unless it is the right thing. DO what makes God happy, and you will be happy in the long run. Don’t worry about everyone else. Their happiness is not my responsibility.

Lora Jane’s synopsis of the above was always “do the right thing”. Easy enough, right??

As a child, this was much easier than it has become as an adult. Decisions at 8 and 9 years old are a little more black and white than decisions at 35 and beyond. But, in the end, my nanny was right about doing the right thing. If my compass is due North (God), then my decision-making becomes much clearer. If my compass leans to the East or West (other people and pleasing them), then my clarity fades.

For me, my moral code is based on God’s Word. It is where I get my clarity. It helps me to make decisions for my life and my family. When I have a particularly difficult decision to make, I pray, ponder, and pour through the Word until I have peace that I have the right answer. Sometimes it is not black and white, but once I have inner peace that comes from God, I then make the right choice, which is not always easy.

Every decision we make has consequences, or it costs us something. Doing the wrong thing, costs you something. However, doing the right thing also costs us something. It may cost you one of your friends. It may cost you your job. It may cost you your life. Are you willing to pay the cost to do the right thing??

Here are some coaching questions that may help you “do the right” thing. My nanny would be very proud!

What or who prevents you from doing the right thing?

What is it costing you?

Are you willing to continue paying that price?

If not, what is the first baby step in the direction of the right thing?

What is your moral code based upon?

When was the last time you did the right thing and even though it was painful, you knew you did the right thing?

Keep pressing on journey mates. You will NEVER regret doing the right thing.

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