Beauty and Giving Thanks

Snow-capped mountain tops. Rainbows. A baby’s coo. A full harvest moon. Snuggling with those you love. The perfect nail polish. Sprouts shooting forth from seed. Giving to someone in need. Walking on the beach. Coffee with a friend. Blog readers!!

Beauty. We all seek it. We were made for it. But all too often, we miss it. For what we are truly seeking is the Author of beauty. God himself, the Creator, in full splendor.

I believe beauty is all around us. We sometimes have to slow down to see it, but it is there. Instead of rushing my daughter off to school, we bask in Autumn’s kaleidoscope each morning during our commute. A small shift that satisfies our souls’ need for beauty.

It starts with a simple “thank you, Lord”. As you celebrate this Thanksgiving season, may you seek Him. May you know Him more fully as you live with a grateful heart. He longs to dance with you. You are beautiful because you were made in His image. Seek Him and you will find Him.

I love the worship song, “Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful”. Lord, may I never forget that true beauty comes from you and you alone.

What are you thankful for today, friend? I will start. I am thankful for you, one of my precious and beautiful blog readers! Thank you, Lord…

“Oh Lord, you’re beautiful. Your face is all I seek. And when your eyes are on this child, your grace abounds to me.”


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2 responses to “Beauty and Giving Thanks

  1. Cathy Williams

    Hey Lizzie,
    In the world of dance, there are many types/steps. I am not a dancer in this physical,natural world. I have no rhythm for even clapping my hands to the beat of a song. But in my heart and mind, I dance with the best of ’em. This blog has me doing a beautiful waltz with my Father, the author of all the beauty you wrote about! And I have not even stepped on His toe a single time!!! : )

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