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4 weeks later…

….we’re cast free!! Callie had her check up today with her orthopedic doctor. All is well with her left wrist and we are praising God for healing and protection. Honestly, 4 weeks have flown by and Callie was such a trooper.

The mighty pink cast never slowed her down!!


The "Master of Plaster" destroying his pink creation!

Callie is not so sure about his scissor skills...she looks a little scared!

Sans cast! She looks a little more confident here...


Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. We are blessed beyond measure and grateful for you. Callie will not be playing with the monkies any time soon! ( ;

On to the next adventure…may it not involve broken bones or casts!!



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Funday Friday

We are¬†working on the calendar for our at home work and¬†Callie loves knowing what is going to happen tomorrow. So every night, we talk about what each family member will be doing the next day. My sweet girl left me another note to find this morning…


Pick up Claire. Speech for Sean. Pick up Callie.

and have a fun day!”

I think she is on to something…wishing you a fun and fabulous FRIDAY!


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