Happy Birthday!!

6 years ago, I was in the hospital waiting for the biggest arrival of my life. 14 hours later, she arrived…all 8 pounds and 10 ounces of her!! It was one of the best and most painful days of my life. But when I heard her cry and saw her beautiful face, it was all worth it. And needless to say, life has been in 5th gear ever since.

Callie will be 6 years old tomorrow and I will be celebrating 6 years of being a mother. A title that I am very proud of. No amount of education or experience can adequately prepare one for this role. Only a small bundle full of life and joy can teach one to be a mother. Callie and I have learned a lot along the way, and I am sure we have a lot more to learn. As a dear friend of mine who has teenage daughters informed me, “just think, Lizzie, in 10 years you will be celebrating Callie’s Sweet Sixteen”! Oh!my!goodness! I don’t want to think about it!

Callie’s perspective on life has taught me to slow down and collect ladybugs, slugs, and earthworms, to pick flowers as we take walks together, to listen more intimately, and to love deeply. Her persistence and competitive nature make me smile. Most of all, her sweet discerning spirit has opened my eyes to things that I would have surely taken for granted. Every day I spend with her, I learn something new.

She has taught me more than anything else, to enjoy the moment, the present. She lives life to the fullest and it is contagious! I am very proud to be her mom. If she learns half as much from me as I have learned from her, I think she will be very successful in whatever adventures life brings her way.

Speaking of adventures, we have celebrated all week and will continue to do so tomorrow on the day of her birth. She wanted a castle cake for her birthday and that is what she got.

This morning as we were leaving to go to a friend’s house, she found a dollar bill on the ground. She exclaimed,”Mommy, I am rich!!”. Yes, my sweet Callie. You, my dear, are rich in many ways and you enrich the lives of all those around you. Keep living life and you will change the world one life at a time!


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8 responses to “Happy Birthday!!

  1. Allyson

    Happy Motherhood Day Lizzie…Happy Birthday Callie!!!!!

  2. Kristin

    Happy Birthday Princess Callie! LOVE the cake. Did you make that Lizzie? I want directions please. 🙂 I love birthdays and what they represent.

    Happy Celebrating!

    • Thank you Kristen! I did make the cake. I love to make special cakes for the kids birthdays. The fact that we have “special” diets (gluten and dye free) make it very difficult for me to be able to buy an affordable cake from a store. So, when I make cakes, they are mostly from scratch. I do buy my fondant. We tinted the icing with beet juice this time to make the pink embellishments. I would be happy to share more details if you like!!

  3. Venon Ferard

    Happy Birthday beautiful ( inside and out) Callie. Can’t believe you are already six.

  4. Happy Birthday, sweet Callie!

    (I can’t believe it. )

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