Life is to be Experienced

“You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.”
Albert Camus

Well, that quote pretty much sums it up. Life is experienced. And it keeps things from getting monotonous!  We have experienced several new things this week. And since it is always fun to share our experiences with each other, here you go:

1. I introduced Callie to fried okra this week, a wonderful southern staple. She loved it and said, “mom, they taste like crunchy potato chips!” I think I would try something with that description!

2. Sean jumped in 4 feet of water and went completely under! Now, Sean is our more logical and methodical child, who only 6 weeks ago had to be carried into the pool kicking and screaming and would not let go of you for a second. Now, safely secured in his life jacket or “jet pack” as he calls it, he is like Michael Phelps in the water! “Jet pack”…don’t you love it! Only a 3-year-old would affectionately name his life  jacket.

3. Callie would not be outdone and showed herself in the pool, too. She swam the entire length of the pool…really swam, not kick swimming off the bottom of the pool. She was so proud and so was I! She learned how to swim 30 years before I did so in my own life. May she enjoy swimming as much as I enjoy watching her experience success.

4. I dropped off 20+ books at Goodwill…yes, I did it! And as I was loading them in the car, I heard my almost 6-year-old daughter say, “You better not be giving away any of my books!!” It’s in the genes!

Okay, so I have bragged enough! What about you? What new experiences have you had this week or what would you like to experience this week? It is only Wednesday! You can do it!



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8 responses to “Life is to be Experienced

  1. Cathy Williams

    Regarding # 4….at which Goodwill did you make the drop!?!?!? : )
    and I love your daughter!!!

  2. lol! You made my morning! She is a riot….and you should have seen the look on her face when she saw me loading several bags and the box of books in the car! And, just because you asked, the Clayton GW.

  3. Doing NEW stuff is cool! I’ve been participating in a NEW 52 project this year that a bloggy friend started in January. You try to do at least ONE new thing each week. It doesn’t have to be anything big…just new to you.

    Here’s the link to how the New 52 got started…just scroll down the ice cream post, it’s at the end…

    Fried okra is the bomb!! 😉

    • I just checked out the listgirl site and I am impressed…may have to try that for 2012! My oldest will love the idea! Thank you for sharing! And, I LOVE fried okra, straight from the garden in the backyard…I was envious of your salsa from your backyard…my tomatoes have not had a banner year!

  4. Kristin

    I went jogging with my eldest this morning in Ocean City, NJ before church. THAT was a first! I couldn’t keep up (which I knew I wouldn’t be able to) but the whole point was to motivate him to get out for some training before soccer tryouts the following week.

    Then we heard a speaker talk about the 7 principles to live by. Very good. He is a father of 19 children–14 adopted! That’s something ‘ new’ I’ll never experience but large families will always intrigue me as it is something I had aspired to at one point. 🙂 Hope you are well and that I’ll be seeing you soon.

  5. You rock Kristin!! I am sure morning run will always be a fond memory for each of you. The most important thing is that you went with him and loved it! Wow, 19 children! that is impressive and very humbling…
    Can’t wait to see you very soon!

  6. I ate roasted okra, am working on overcoming my fear of swimming and a host of other things, bitter and sweet. It’s so lovely how you are such an observant mommy, tell Sean I love the “jet-pack” idea and it’s a good thing I didn’t know about it sooner or I might have bought myself one instead of learning to swim. Keep up all the good work, all of you!

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