Week in Rewind

It has been a fun and productive week around the Branch estate. We enjoyed fireworks with friends and played in the sprinkler. We canned and ate many cherries and I will can my 14 day pickles tonight. I always borrow my mom’s canning book, which is more than 60 years old. As you will see below, it is well-worn. Several generations have enjoyed canned goodness from this treasure…I bet I couldn’t get a copy of it on one of those electronic book gadgets! Or if I could, I can guarantee you that it would not be sticky and stained with years of canning residue!  ( :





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2 responses to “Week in Rewind

  1. Mae Parker

    Enjoyed reading. I believe my canning books are maybe a little older and more worn. I have Granny’s (Maggie Toler) which would be your great grandmother’s and it is dated June 1925 (it’s in very bad shape) and the other canning book I love is an old Kerr Home Canning Book dated 1948 which I use all the time. I collect cookbooks, I’m sure you would love my collection a few hundred. I plan to fix some bread and butter pickles tomorrow. I was going to do it today but we are going to grandsons base ball game this afternoon in Cary. The Cherry Marmalade looks good. I think we enjoy doing some of the same things. Your kids are adorable. Love you, Aunt Mae

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