Book Hoarder (continued)

Wow! I never thought my book hoarding tendencies would garner so much chatter in the blog universe. It seems that I am not alone in my little fetish. And it is also amazing to me what this has stirred in my spirit. Instead of getting an electronic gadget (and by the way I am leaning towards an iPad!!), I am getting rid of some of my books. Yes, my beloved books.

You see, through many years of nursing my habit, I have acquired hundreds of books. This does not include all the ones we lost when we lost everything in our first home due to mold, circa 2003.  A large number of my books at the time were safely housed in my office at work. Therefore, I lost approximately 100 books at home as a result of the mold issue. I have since acquired many more books.

So, this will be no easy task…akin to convincing my children to give away some of their toys. However, I plan to give away approximately 25% of my books. I will donate them to Goodwill, or maybe a local church library. My next goal will be to use  my local library faithfully. I will check with my library before I buy a book and it finds a comfy home on one of my many bookshelves.

So, I have a plan. They say nothing ever happens without a plan.

And, by the way, I already have two books in a very large cardboard box designated for Goodwill…what is that proverb?? Something about a journey of a 1,000 miles begins with the first step…yeah, something like that!



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6 responses to “Book Hoarder (continued)

  1. Lisa Elliott

    Providence has a book recycling day August 28th. You can take your books there and they will be adopted by others. That’s what we do each year. I know you have plenty of books that would be enjoyed and useful to others!

  2. Cathy Williams

    If only I lived closer to peep into that Goodwill box!!!! : )

  3. I have a certain oldest child that used her babysitting money to buy a Kindle. She said she still prefers holding a ‘real’ book, but she really LOVES her new purchase. Right now, all classics are a free download from Amazon. (I’ve also used this new technology to my advantage…5 of her history books for this year were cheaper as an ebook, so now they are safely housed in her Kindle waiting for the daily assignment!)

    If you want an excuse to hoard books, try homeschooling. 😉

    • Good for her (and you)!! I don’t need any more excuses to hoard books…I have a list that is a mile long. I am finding more and more positive reasons to switch over to a gadget…let’s see Christmas is only 5 months away!

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