5 vs. 3

Both of my kids have great appetites and also have a sweet tooth that was passed along from their daddy. They both love chocolate! So today, after Sean gobbled up all of his lunch, he smiled and asked for dessert. I asked him what he wanted and he said, “Hmmm, ‘lemme’ go see.” He walked over to our pantry and looked in our candy bowl.

The kids got dye free jelly beans in their Easter baskets and he decided he wanted some jelly beans. I told him to pick out 5 jelly beans and show me. Here is the rest of our conversation:

Sean said, “No, mama, I want 3 jelly beans.”

I said, “Sean, 5 is more than 3. Are you sure you don’t want 5 jelly beans?”

“No, mama, I want 3 jelly beans!!”

“Okay, Sean. You can have 3 jelly beans, but you are missing out. You would get more if you got 5 jelly beans.”

Sean crossed his arms, furrowed his brow and said, “NO! I WANT 3!!”

At this point, I chuckled, seeing the irony. God has probably seen me in this position many times.

What are you holding on to that is less than what God wants to give you?

What is your “5” and “3”? Remember, 5 is more than 3…release and give God the space to give you exceedingly more than you could ever imagine!


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