Fine Tuning

You know those times in your life when you finally thought you got it…and then you realize you weren’t even close?? Well, I am learning that is what this dance called life is all about. Fine tuning.

I like things being done, complete, finisimo! I don’t like loose ends and things being undone. Those speed bumps slow me down!! But, that’s not the way life works. We are always in process and we are in need of constant fine tuning by our Master. I don’t like that!! It is work…hard work.

You know what I am talking about. We have all experienced things in life that we would rather not deal with. It would be easier to check out. Like when someone in your inner circle betrays you or when you keep bumping into the abuse you experienced as a child or when you finally get tired of being used by those who love you. Ring a bell? It is so much easier to ignore these things and cruise on. Trust me, they will find their way back to the surface of your life. Save yourself some time and pain. Deal with them!

Instead of tuning out when these things inevitably happen or resurface in life, I am learning to “tune in” to what’s happening for me. Instead of hitting the fast forward button so I can get to the good stuff, I am hanging out in the not so good stuff and doing some fine tuning. When the good stuff does come, it is my hope that I am fully present and can experience my life instead tuning out. Life is to be experienced, good and bad.  

So until I hear my final finisimo from my Master, I will continue to learn and process and fine tune. I pray that I am patient and give myself some grace along the way. Thank you for traveling with me along the journey. By the way, I am honored to be on Jory Fisher’s radio talk show tomorrow at noon. Here is the link:

Tune in with us! ( :


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