Birthday Pictures and Mid-March Update

Well, it is March 15th which means the month is almost half over. We allowed ourselves $700 for March and we have done well so far even though we had a very special birthday celebration for Sean. We partied with style and he enjoyed every minute of it…so did I!!

Our total spending so far for the month has been $545. I know that sounds like a lot for 15 days, but keep in mind that I ordered a two month supply of meat from our coop and I made a large order with another coop for dry goods and bulk groceries. I have confidence that we will make it the rest of the month on $155.00. I will keep you posted!!

So, on to more exciting things. Our sweet boy turned 3 on March 7th. Here are a few pictures from his special day:

I love to make special cakes for my children’s birthdays. Sean had asked for a “Zurg” cake for months. Zurg is the villain in Toy Story 2. It took me almost as long to put the Lego Zurg (which I used as the cake topper) together as it did to color and roll the fondant. And yes, the cake was gluten and dye free. I used beet juice to make the purple marbling on the bottom round and kale juice to make the top round green. Trust me, you could not taste the beets or the kale!! Sean loved it…I wish I could have captured his reaction. There are no words to say what his facial expression conveyed!

And of course, no birthday celebration is complete without presents. I think he liked his Buzz Lightyear vehicle the best:

And here is Callie, focusing diligently on her latest art creation while Buzz is saving the universe:

And this is what happens when you have your cake and eat it too!!

Saved the best for last…I am one blessed wife and mother!



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4 responses to “Birthday Pictures and Mid-March Update

  1. LOOK AT THAT CAKE! You would have spent your last hundred bucks to have someone make it! (by the way, I think you should add and extra hundred to the budget because you made it yourself… 😉 )

    The kids are huge. And precious.

    Birthday hugs to Sean! (and everyone else, too!)

    • thank you, Tracey! Anthony asked me when I was going to start selling them…when I have time was my reply!! They are a labor of love. I love your idea of adding the $100 I would have spent to my grocery budget…that would definitely help this month! I miss you guys!! I also owe you an email or to be honest I would rather call you. Expect to hear from me soon either way. Love you!!

  2. Um, that cake is ridiculous (in a good way)! It’s even more amazing knowing you made it GF and without food coloring. Seriously. I had no idea you were so talented at baking.

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