Days 20 – 24, Frugal Fatigue

Well, it’s official…I have frugal fatigue. As much as I hate labels, if the shoe fits, wear it. I am very close to the finish line and I am so ready to go to the grocery store and spend more than $5.  Here is my spending since the last blog:

$379.20 = total amount spent from 2/1 – 2/19.

$3.45 = Chick-fil-A lunch for Callie at school

$10.09 = bananas, yogurt, and dye-free jello

$392.74 = total spent this month

That means we have $7.26 left for the next 4 days…that is an average of $1.82 per day. I feel like the train in the children’s book that keeps repeating, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…”! It is amazing how much money we have saved this month. We are pondering how much to allow ourselves for the month of March. I can guarantee it will definitely be more than $400!

Be on the lookout for my final post for Frugal February. I will include things I have learned on this journey…the first of which is how much I love to grocery shop. The actual shopping part is not what I love so much. It is being able to fully stock my kitchen and nourish my family. As a wife and mother, to know that my family is well nourished and have healthy food to eat gives me peace and comfort. I have learned this month that God is ultimately our supreme comfort and He will generously supply ALL of our needs!!



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2 responses to “Days 20 – 24, Frugal Fatigue

  1. Frugal Fatigue. What a great phrase! I hear you on that one. My frugal fatigue probably stems from getting the garden ready. I am so eager to continue growing my own food but there is a decent amount of (initial) expense. But I have so much joy and pride when I walk out into the back yard and pick dinner. Keep on keeping on!


    • Thank you for the encouragement! I love getting my garden ready, too. And the payoff of walking in my backyard and picking amazing produce far outweighs the work. And yes, it is expensive at the onset, too. Good thing I didn’t have to include that in my $400 or I would have been doomed before I started!!

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