Days 14 – 19, A Potluck Post

What an amazing week it has been! Spring like weather always puts me in a better mood! My windows were open all day today and my kids played outside for hours. Yes, I am ready for spring and summer. I feel like a caterpillar that has been encapsulated in her cocoon. This butterfly is ready to spread her wings and fly!!

Speaking of flying, where has this month gone? A whole week has disappeared since my last post. I have had a hard time sitting down at my computer this week…I prefer being outside!!

So, I know you have all been sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear about how much money we have left in our food budget for the month of February. And, to warn you, it has not been easy! We gave ourselves $400 for the month and we have almost reached that amount. Now keep in mind, we have also cooked a meal for a friend who had surgery, prepared food for a baby shower, and went out to eat for a belated Valentine’s lunch. So, we were not just swinging at fast balls…there have been some curve balls in the mix. But, isn’t that just like life? There are always curve balls. Just keep swinging. Eventually, you will get a hit! Here is what I spent this week and where we stand for the month:

$170.70 – the total from my last post (Feb. 1st – 13th)

$73.33 – Costco

$117.23 – Whole Foods

$17.94 – Pei Wei

That puts us at $379.20 for the month thus far…yikes! And we still have 9 days left!! I think we can make it though…I really do! We may not eat exactly what we want for the next 9 days and it may get interesting, but I love a challenge! Anybody up for a potluck dinner?? ( :

So, I have $20.80 left in my budget. That is an average of $2.31 per day for the rest of the month. I am determined to make this happen! My freezer may be empty when March 1st rolls around, but I will be wiser for the experience. Thank you for following! Comments and suggestions are always welcome!



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4 responses to “Days 14 – 19, A Potluck Post

  1. molly Taylor

    Lizzie….how bout walking 2 doors down to your neighbors! thats free.! 🙂 i am going to try out a spaghetti carbonara recipe next week… wanna be my guinea pig? 🙂 molly

  2. Ashley O

    Really appreciate this challenge you are taking on! Would love tips on how you can make your health-conscious food picks fit into the $400 budget. Go creativity!!

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