Days 6, 7, and 8: My Top 5

We celebrated my mom’s birthday on Sunday with her secret spaghetti sauce recipe and GF cupcakes. On Monday, we had leftover chicken noodle soup and almond butter and strawberry preserves on toast. And tonight, we had grilled cajun burgers with homemade slaw. They were delicious! A small reminder that spring is just around the corner. I love to smell food on the grill!

On Sunday, I spent $56.97 at Lowe’s Food and $41.75 at Whole Food’s on Monday for a total of $98.72. That brings our monthly total to $112.03, and we have $287.97 left to spend for the month. I am using meat that I have in my freezer and we are working through our pantry. I am thankful for God’s abundance. I am learning lessons along the way that I will share as the month comes to an end.

I am also very thankful for kitchen gadgets. Cooking is so much easier if you have the right equipment. When it comes to kitchen paraphernalia, I am a self professed geek. Here are my top 5 favorite kitchen gadgets:

1. My chef’s knife, and I like it very sharp

2. My Boos cutting board

3. My KitchenAid Stand Mixer (and my favorite attachment is the grinder)

4. My very large cast iron skillet (LOVE IT!)

5. My traditional Fish Spatula, ideal for cooking eggs (who knew when it is called a fish spatula??)

And even though the top 5 is complete, I have many other kitchen gadgets that I love, like my Cuisinart Food Processor and my Pampered Chef Mandoline Slicer and…well okay, you get the point. When you use appropriate equipment, cooking is easier and so much more fun and you may enjoy it a little more. Here’s to good food and cool gadgets!!


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4 responses to “Days 6, 7, and 8: My Top 5

  1. Jane

    You know I totally agree – hmmm ….sounds like a Pampered Chef party would be right up your alley. The new catalog is in my hand and I’m booking March shows to help you get the new products in your kitchen for FREE! Seriously, I would love to come cook for you and your friends – I’m open March 3 or 4, are you?

    • You are right! I love Pampered Chef. I had one not too long ago though and I am not sure if my friends would be up for another one!! If I need any PC items, I know who to contact!! Hope you are doing well! I rode 12 miles yesterday and it felt great. Can’t wait to do a longer ride.
      You inspire me!

  2. I just used my Christmas money to buy new skillets and a fish spatula at Williams-Sonoma. I love that spatula. I also got one of those spider basket things that is just so handy at scooping boiled eggs out of water.

    You know we are kindred spirits on the knife. I have never used my grinder attachment with my KitchenAid. Do you grind meat for burgers?

    The food all sounds yummy!

    • Isn’t the fish spatula awesome?? Love it!
      Yes, I grind meat for our burgers and I use it to grind chicken thighs for sausage since we don’t eat pork. I season the ground chicken meat as you would season sausage it tastes awesome! I have also done the same thing with turkey, but the additional fat in the chicken thighs make the sausage moister and therefore tastier! And, I LOVE Williams-Sonoma…I could do some damage in that place!

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