Days 4 and 5, BB’s and Chicken Feet

As Callie and I heal from the flu, we have been clipping coupons and meal planning. Callie made the comment that coupons were like real money. Then she proceeded to ask me if I could print real money using my printer like I was printing off coupons. I had to chuckle at how she was processing what we were doing to save money! I told her no, but that coupons were the closest thing to real money that I could legally print.

Last night, we had one of my son’s favorite meals, BB’s also known as Burrito Bowls. He loves beans and rice! I used refried beans, brown rice, sautéed onions, salsa, raw cheddar cheese, and tri tip steak to fill up our bowls and tummies. Again, I prepared a deconstructed version for Callie (who didn’t eat much at all) and Sean since they don’t like the ingredients mixed together. We had tortilla chips to compliment the dish. My husband had 3 Burrito Bowls…it is easy to see who Sean gets his appetite from!

For dinner tonight, we had homemade chicken noodle soup. You ask, “What about the chicken feet?” So glad you asked! The broth that I used to make the chicken soup was made using chicken bones from a chicken I baked, 3 carrots, 3 stalks of celery, 4 cloves of mashed garlic, 1 onion quartered, 1 TBLS apple cider vinegar, 8 quarts of filtered water, AND 2 chicken feet. Now, before you stop reading, let me explain. Chicken feet make the absolute best stock. They are full glucosamine chondroitin, calcium, and collagen. The gelatin in the feet create a very rich stock that is nutritious and healing for your digestive system. For more info, here is a great resource:

See, when your grandma told you to eat chicken soup when you were sick with a cold, she knew what she was talking about. Also, homemade chicken broth is a rich amber color, not a pale yellow like most store-bought stock. And it tastes SO much better!! I let my stock simmer covered on low for 24 hours after it boils on medium for the first hour. After it cools, I then strain it with a mesh strainer into quart containers. Another added bonus is that is freezes very well. I used 4 quarts of frozen chicken broth (originally made in October 2010) to make our soup tonight. My house smells so good!! The only thing missing was a Zesta saltine cracker…I’ve yet to find a GF saltine cracker that tastes better than cardboard. Maybe I need to make my own!

So, where do we stand for the month? Our previous total was $3.43. On Friday, we purchased several items totaling $9.88. that brings our total to: $13.31. Twenty-three days left in February and we have 96.7% of our $400 budget left to spend.

Don’t worry, I will need to make a grocery store run to “Whole Paycheck”, I mean “Whole Foods” when I start feeling much better. The “money” that Callie and I printed should help!!



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4 responses to “Days 4 and 5, BB’s and Chicken Feet

  1. You inspire me! I read your post while in the Emergency Room, the second time we were there! I have posted about chicken feet too since the first time I ever saw anyone cooking with chicken feet was while on a mission trip to Lima, Peru. So here are some of my questions, I apologize if they are kind of gross…

    How do you handle seeing the finger/toe nails on the chicken feet? Where do you buy chicken feet? I think my family would flip out if they saw me cooking with chicken feet but I’m mildly curious about this.

    Keep writing and sharpening me!

    • Yes, my kids are getting used to my kitchen adventures. They even like to help!
      I don’t mind looking at the feet, doesn’t gross me out too much. I try to think about their benefits, which far outweigh their appearance!! Sounds like some other things in life…
      I get my chicken feet from a local chicken “farmer”. We also get our eggs and whole chickens from him. He is in Willow Springs, NC. I would be happy to get some chicken feet for you. And, no, I don’t trust all chicken feet!! He has shared with me that most chicken feet don’t pass inspection and have to be tossed. The feet I get from him are always in great shape.
      You keep writing, too. I love to read your posts and see your handsome young men. As iron sharpens iron sister!!!


    Here’s the link I mentioned in my comments!

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