Day 3, the flu bug has bitten

When my caller ID says “Neuse Charter School”, I get a little nervous. Either one of two things are happening…Callie is sick or Callie is in trouble! Neither are good scenarios. Yesterday when I got the call, Callie was sick. Fever, chills, lethargic, etc. She was in a great mood when we parted ways in car pool. Guess the flu does come on suddenly!

When your child gets sick who usually follows? That’s right…mama.Yes, the flu bug has bitten, not once but twice.  We both have the flu. And it stinks.

However, it will not put a damper on Frugal February. Remember that delicious vegetable beef soup I made earlier in the week? It was even better last night with another glorious cheese toast. And, leftovers are free! Kudos to my husband who served dinner to me and Callie in the quarantined bonus room under our comfy blankets. We also watched a movie, “How to Train Your Dragon”. And if you know me really well, you must know that I am sick…I don’t usually sit and watch movies. But, I might watch a few more before this is over.

And what’s for dinner you might ask? I don’t know yet. Don’t know what I may or may not feel like eating. The soup is gone. I may be teaching Anthony how to make chicken noodle soup…stay tuned!


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4 responses to “Day 3, the flu bug has bitten

  1. Ergh! Praise the Lord, and I type this with fear and trembling, I am the only one in the family who hasn’t gotten sick! We shall see! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oh no Lizzie. I feel terrible that you are sick and most likely not going to PLL tomorrrow morning. OK, check that. I’m forgetting that God is in control here. duh. I’ll be praying for your ladies in your group and for whomever will be leading them tomorrow. Hope you and Callie get better quickly!!!

    • no worries. God has all that worked out. Cheryl to the rescue! So thankful we can all be there for each other and cover. Thank you for praying for us!! Callie has been bitten a little harder than me, but I think the young and elderly fare a little worse.

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