Day 1, February 1st

Grand total for the day:

$3.43 (picked up a couple of items that were on sale)

At this rate, we will spend a grand total of $96.04 for the month…don’t count on it!! ( ;

Tonights dinner menu: Homemade vegetable beef soup with cheese toast (raw cheddar cheese on gluten free bread and grass fed butter = best.grilled.cheese.ever). I already had all necessary ingredients and the cool winter air dictated the need for homemade soup!




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4 responses to “Day 1, February 1st

  1. Meg Dreifuss

    YUM-O! Does that include lunch/snacks?

    • No, the money I spent today did not go towards tonight’s meal. I keep my eyes open and know all the clearance places most stores. When I see something at a great price that I know I will use in the future, I pick it up. I have no idea how much tonight’s meal cost…definitely less than $10 though. And we have enough leftovers for lunch on two separate days. Even with the grass fed ground beef. We are members of a coop and buy our beef in bulk.

  2. You can do it! Thanks! Where did you find grass fed butter? Have you ever read the book Simple Food for the Good Life by Helen Nearing? That’s my current read, intriguing and thought-provoking, you’d like it! Tonight we’re having Three Bean African Soup, quiche with nitrite-free ham, cauliflower and peppers and brown rice. Keep posting, I’m taking notes!

    • We are members of a coop and order some of our dairy from them. I can email you with more info if you would like? Whole Foods has grass fed butter, but it is rather expensive and we eat a lot of butter! I have not read the book, but it sounds WONDERFUL! I may have to invest in another great book for my expanding library.
      I will keep posting…it is a little bit addicting! It is also fun to see how much money I cannot spend and still eat very well!! Thank you Jehova Jireh!!

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