Frugal February

The word budget is one of those words that lands very flat…similar to other words like taxes, debt, morgue, etc. And when I think about budgeting, I feel trapped or fenced in…not good for someone who is claustrophobic!

So, when I think about a budget and when I think about grocery shopping for the best, fresh, local, organic ingredients, I get a little gloomy. But in every cloud, there is a silver lining!

We have decided to cut our normal $1100 per month grocery budget down to $400 for the month of February. As you pick your chin up, let me explain. Yes, $1100. I know that is a lot of money, but it includes all food, supplements, cleaning supplies, toiletries, AND eating out. Does that make the large figure in italics more palatable?? Since we don’t eat out often, most days we cook all of our meals and pack lunches. And since we believe in a traditional whole foods diet, we make most of our meals from scratch instead of using processed versions that have a shelf life that equals the age of my son.

So you ask, “How in the world are you going to cut your grocery budget in more than half and still eat?” I don’t know yet, but I know we can do it. I am thankful February is the shortest month of the year! I will continue to use coupons when I can and I will buy in bulk when I can to save money later. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!

In preparation for the next 28 days, I have planned 28 dinner meals. Ironically, we already have most of the ingredients for each of these meals, including the proteins. I will have to buy fresh produce and dairy products like yogurt and kefir.

I am excited about the possibilities for Frugal February. I know I will grow and learn new things. And yes, we will save some money along this journey, but I hope I gain something much more powerful…to be content with all that I have because God has given me and will continue to give me all that I need.

I am blessed beyond measure. My cup is full and running over. I have never known hunger and not been able to meet that desire. My prayer is that instead of feeling trapped or fenced in, I will feel an overwhelming sense of peace and freedom as I trust my God to meet my needs.

As a side note, I will blog each week about our progress and our meals for the week. For starters, tonight we had quinoa as a side dish to compliment our chicken and broccoli entrée and my kids loved it! I think we are off to a good start!!



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6 responses to “Frugal February

  1. Amy Thomas

    Can I say ALDI? I’m not sure Lizzie if your food needs to be organic, but if not, ALDI has the best prices on fresh produce. Can’t wait to hear how you pull this one off. I’m going to watch to see if your purse is full of tp when you leave church. Just kidding. Really, I want to see this in action. Blessings to you!

    • you made me belly laugh!! I am actually excited about doing this. I know God is going to show me lots of new things this month! For the month of March, we are going to add more money to the baseline of $400 until we find a happy medium that works for us. Our $1100 months are over I hope!! Thank you for the encouragement. You are a dear sister!

  2. Wow, I so can relate to this post! Let’s inspire each other! I have many quinoa recipes, let me know if you want them! Bless you frugal endeavors, right there w/u, sister!

    • I am all for inspiration!! And I would love your favorite quinoa recipes. I love it and when I cooked it in the past, I would always have something else to give the kids. They stretched last night and tried it and both liked it! They love brown rice so I told them that quinoa was a little like brown rice and they loved picking out the “sprout” looking things in the quinoa!!

  3. What a fun, frugal challenge! Can you eat peanut butter? I could live on pb&j and pb bananas for a month I think. When I was in high school trying to diet for the hundreth time, I always had my mom hide the peanut butter–my biggest weakness!

    Looking forward to the frugal food blogging! It’s kind of like the Julie and Julia movie!

    • I am actually excited about this challenge! And I love Julie and Julia!
      We eat more almond butter than peanut butter, but I like both of them. We grew up on mashed up bananas with peanut butter mixed in on good ‘ole white bread…it filled our tummies and wasn’t very expensive!

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