Thank you!!

Wow! We (Amy and I) have been blown away by your support and interest in Completely Different, But Totally Normal. We have signed the books and are ready to ship. Total cost with shipping is $7.38. If you live nearby and we can deliver to you, then you only pay $5.99.  If you want guaranteed delivery for Christmas, I need to have your order by Friday, December 17th. Bulk purchases of 10 or more books qualify for a 10% discount. Email me at with your address and how many books you want.

Thank you again!! We are filled with gratitude!

Lizzie and Amy

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One response to “Thank you!!

  1. Janice

    Hey Lizzie!! Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten the book completely read but plan to before the beginning of the year!! I never would have thought I would get so busy….but that is a good thing!!!

    Perhaps I overlooked it but I can’t seem to find an address to mail your check for the book. There is a very good and embarassing chance that I just overlooked it…’s just one of those WEEKS!!

    I do hope that you guys have a great Christmas!


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