Blissful Ignorance

Standing in a checkout line today, my kids and I got showered by the boy in front of us, not once but three times. Yes, you read that correctly, showered…he spit on us.

My 2-year-old son said, “Mom, that little boy spit.” I said, “Yes, Sean, he did spit on us and we should not spit on people.” As a result of me saying this to Sean, the boy’s mother turned around and said, “We are trying to ignore it and hope that he will quit spitting on people.”


I was at least expecting her to say, “I apologize,” or “Son, don’t spit,” or “We are trying to teach him not to spit”.

After she explained her ‘ignorance is bliss’ parenting methods, her son proceeded to spit at us a second time. Sean turned to me and said, “Mom, he spit again!” and before Sean could finish what he was saying, he spit at us a third time. At this point, the little boy’s mother moved between her son and me and my kids. Then, he spit on her.

I was in shock. I wanted to ask her after he spit at us the third time if her method of ignoring bad behavior was working for her and him?? I mean, really, at least apologize…

My kids are far from perfect and when I parent them, blissful ignorance doesn’t work. The same could be said for a lot of things in life. What are some things in your life that you ignore in hopes that they will disappear? How is that working for you? ( ;

Often times, we stumble upon these things at the most inappropriate times, like in a checkout line. In an effort to avoid the pain (or temper tantrum) that will inevitably have to be dealt with in order to find resolution, we choose to ignore it.

A small leak that is ignored over time will cause major problems…maybe not today, but in due time. What leaks need repairing in your life?

By the way, I feel like I need to go take a real shower…


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2 responses to “Blissful Ignorance

  1. Wow, that was incredible! I was once spit on while walking in a town in Normandie, France. The man walked by me and spit ALL over me and then ran away. It was so scary and humiliating. I never knew the guy and I came home with spit all over my face and scarf. Your message has deep spiritual meaning. I can’t even imagine someone allowing a child to spit on people THREE times! Jesus endured even more humiliation for us! Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, Cindy, incredulous also is a great way to describe the situation. It took everything in me not to say more, but thank God for self-control. We had a long discussion on the way home about discipline and why ignoring the problem never works. I, too, was very mindful of the fact that Jesus endured humiliation for me and was spat on as well. Thankful for His credulous love for me!!

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