There are times in life when I wish that I thought with the innocence and wonder of a 5-year-old. One evening this week we were sitting in a turn lane waiting to turn left. My mind was on the traffic and my Wal-Mart list. Callie’s mind was on the goodness of God:

“Mom, look what God made just for us!” she exclaimed loudly while pointing her finger towards the western horizon. A glorious sunset with hues of red, pink, lavender, and orange lit up the heavens. Thin wispy stratus clouds draped in white interrupted the technicolor panoramic display of God’s artistic offering. It was quite marvelous.

In that moment, my mind also turned to the goodness of God. I am thankful for the reminders that God uses to help me resurrect the innocence and wonder that I once had as a child.

I am thankful for the little interruptions in life that allow me to drift back a few decades and regain a child-like perspective. It is in these moments that I truly live and life is simple again.

When is the last time you allowed yourself to be caught up in awe and wonder? Who were you with? I wonder how your life could be different if you allowed yourself to pause and be in awe when your life is interrupted by God’s goodness…

“Wonder is the basis of worship.”   Thomas Carlyle


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3 responses to “Wonder

  1. Sarah Miller

    You’re post brought my to tears missy. Too seldom do we sit and smell the roses (or tulips in your case). This season has brought so many beautiful colors- why shouldn’t we be distracted by them?

    Your questions confirm the need I’ve been feeling to pause and appreciate.

    His Love is extravagant- in so many ways…

  2. There are a few streets I drive up and down throughout the week and this past week the tree colors have been absolutely stunning! I always make sure to comment to my children how beautiful they are and remind them why this is my favorite color palate God has created!

    “God of wonder beyond all majesty…You are Holy!”

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