Recommended Reading

I love to read and my favorite audience is composed of two fantastic listeners! One of the best parts of my day is when I get to read to my daughter and son. I love to watch their faces fill with anticipation of what comes next and the proverbial “read it again, mommy!”.

Callie’s school hosted a book fair today and she had a $10 budget to work with : )  She picked out a Little Pet Shop book and then she picked out another book where the main character had her name, Callie. She was thrilled. Her teacher also pointed out that the main character had a friend named Liza, which happens to be the name of one of Callie’s friends in her class…that was all it took. The book came home with us! 

In normal succession, bathtime, snacktime, and toothtime, we snuggled up in bed to read Callie’s new books. She liked the Little Pet Shop book, but she LOVED “Callie Cat, Ice Skater” (by Eileen Spinelli). We read it twice and the second was better than the first. Callie beamed with pride that the main character had her name, but when she said to me, “mom, it’s not always about winning, but doing what you love”, my heart swelled with delightful joy.

Needless to say, this book is on my recommended reading list for young children and adults alike. May we all find that “melting sweetness” that has no name and come to the same conclusion that Callie the Cat did…

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