Synthetic Soothers

I am ready for a change! Way back last winter when it was WAY cold and it seemed like it snowed every other day, I made a promise to myself that if it would ever get above 32 degrees for more than 3 days in a row, I would NOT complain about being hot all summer long….well guess what?? I kept my promise, BUT, it is no longer summer! It is FALL, yet it feels like SUMMER!! I am now complaining! I am SO ready for cold crisp mornings when a jacket is needed.

I love football games and watching leaves fall from trees and sitting on my screened porch sipping hot coffee with my fleece blanket in the mornings. I know a change is around the corner because fall is already in the air, even though it was ninety something degrees today! Sean and I went for a walk this morning and the air was a bit cooler. I enjoyed watching Sean chase yellow hued leaves and try to catch them before they hit the asphalt. Yes, a change is truly in the air.

Speaking of change, something changed in my world this week:

Do you notice a common denominator in the pictures above? Yes, you guessed it! Sean’s synthetic soother! He loves his pacifier. He calls it his ‘dee’. We have no idea how that term of endearment evolved. Ironically, he calls Callie ‘Dee Dee’. His two favorite soothers have the same name. But, all that changed this week.

He came over to me in the living room holding 3 pacifiers and said, “Mommy, Sean’s ‘dees’ have holes. No good. Trash.” He proceeded to the garbage can and tossed them in it. I was not surprised. He has done this a number of times since he chews through them fairly often. I said, “Well, I guess we will be making a trip to Wal-Mart to buy some more.” If I had kept track of all the money I have spent on pacifiers for Sean, I could probably pay for a semester of college tuition for him!

Our day continued on and I thought nothing more of the pacifiers and Sean did not mention them either. Bedtime came and went and then it hit me…Sean went to bed without a pacifier! Wow! I was sort of in shock…I had expected him to have a serious meltdown when he could no longer rely on his synthetic soothers.

During breakfast the next morning, I asked Sean where his ‘dees’ were. He said again, “Sean’s ‘dees’ have holes. Trash.” This was 5 days ago and he has not mentioned them since! What will power…cold turkey.

Not all change is bad! Hoping and praying that potty training will go as well!



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5 responses to “Synthetic Soothers

  1. Often in change we move on… but build and leave memories in the trail left behind. Those memories in years to come will bring a smile to your face and a thrill to your heart. “Children, hold our hands for just a short while… but our hearts FOREVER!” Love reading your thoughts Lizzie.

  2. Meg Dreifuss

    I’m right with you! Ready for the Fall and for the new things promised that the Lord will do!


  3. it is a great feeling, Meg! I am so proud of my little fella!

  4. Congratulations to big boy Sean!!! We never had the pacifier withdrawal syndrome but boy did Allen have a tough time stopping thumb sucking. He really, really wanted to stop and so he would come to me in tears in the morning when he’d wake up with his thumb in his mouth–such sweet memories!

    And as for the weather????? Don’t even get me started. However, I decided to usher in Fall the way I usually do and so I spent tonight outside planting my mums and other fall annuals. Wish I could have come inside and enjoyed a hot cup of tea to cap off the evening but I was sweating from being outside. 😦 Change is coming…just wish it got here a wee bit faster!!!

    Turtlenecks? For turtles I say!!!

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